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                From Chico Rodriguez:

            "Looking Good"

          "You Got It"

            "Little dog in the window with the head bobbing up & down"

             "It's not my job"

             "Never give a married woman your hankerchief"

           "I don't fool around with the Devils brew"

              "I wish you'd go see a doctor"

              "It takes 50 thousand dollars to become a dr today"

              "You want some help with that beeper"

              "Ask him about hangovers"

               "I used to play doctor when I was little"

               "Premium, that's the secret word"


                                                By Ed Brown:

                         "Get Out Of My Garage"

                         "Drop Dead"

                         "You know I can't stand to see a grown man cry"

                          "I have to go to my office to take my medication"

                          "You don't get rich with a gimmick"

                                 By Louie Wilson (The Garbageman):

                      "Bring Out Your Can,  Here Comes The Garbage Man"

                 By: Mabel (The Mailperson):

                    "Mail Call, Mail Call"...